5 ways we deliver a memorable, effective workshop experience (1/2 or full day)

Capture Attention

Participants stay attentive because content is customized to your goals and audience

Sharpen Perceptions

Open minds to new possibilities /alternatives with fresh, applicable insights

Broaden Understanding

Participants better appreciate the impact/ implications of issues in areas outside their own

Affirm Effort

Honor previous efforts to let participants feel respected and free to move to new sets of actions

Move Forward

Facilitate to conclude with a set of realistic/ attainable next-steps that guide, encourage, and deliver results

Here are some of Keith’s current workshops:

Workshop Descriptions:

Maintaining Momentum Through Change
Work through five research-based insights to help any change effort, no matter whether small-scale or enterprise-wise, whether the initiative is being planned or is underway.Link to introductory video
Leadership to Lift
Lift business performance and employee engagement using a diagnostic of five leadership essentials each leader can immediately begin to apply. Leaders recognize the need to collectively foster a high-performing, results-delivering, employee-engaging work environment.
Revitalize Team/Area
Bring a fresh clarity and enthusiasm to your team/ area as we examine today's actions and gaps in light of what must be achieved or improved. We uncover deficiencies and their systematic causes, rather than blame individuals. Teams clearly see their contribution to the present state and future success.
Applying Agile Across Your Org.
We convert Agile's four pillars into visible progress as we evaluate each functional area in terms of what can be applied, then create realistic actions to step forward. This is an applied-action focus vs. merely discussing Agile principles.