SMG: Ensure your organization’s strategy is achieved, change is adopted
with rapid, sustained execution improvement!

Most strategy-change advisors evaluate your business, suggest what needs to change, & give a message for YOU to deliver.

But the real value comes from converting long-term goals into daily actions which people perform.

Otherwise there's no visible change, and everything quickly goes back to 'normal'.
Let us help you convert objectives into sustainable, daily action. We listen, evaluate, suggest realistic changes to existing activities, then adjust accountabilities to keep folk carrying out key actions.

You see immediate behavior change, improved business performance, and staff more engaged as they see those around them powerfully contribute.

SMG Consulting Assistance Distinctives:

Arising out of our multi-year, organizational change research project with 72 organizations. We identified the most powerful factors to develop a potent, time-efficient, performance-raising, & employee-engaging method.
ROI-Rapid Return:
Projects with experienced change management averaged 143% ROI vs. avg. of 35% for projects with no/poor change management. A 108% difference!  (McKinsey study)
Out of our research and extensive project experience, we deliver real change with minimal staff hours to protect your schedule of key deliverables.
We analyze leadership & operational processes to propose realistic, optimal ways for staff to more powerfully deliver the desired change.
We affirm previous workforce accomplishments and show the desired change as a natural extension of growth to win support and minimize resistance.
Sustained Impact:
We communicate and apply accountability adjustments to ensure the organization continues to support the change long after SMG departs.


Logical Outline of Activities:

We first obtain a comprehensive understanding of what in your organization needs to change.
We study your organization's culture, underlying processes, knowledge gaps, and leadership practices.
We develop a plan to communicate objectives, identify stakeholders, and involve key roles to create specific suggestions about how individuals can adjust their work patterns to powerfully support the overall business and change strategy.
After roles and required actions have been identified, we study and suggest how best to motivate beneficial, strategic activities and minimize potential resistance.
We message, but also adjust accountabilities for leaders and key roles to ensure your organization reinforces needed action for the foreseeable future.
A visible performance lift that looks like it arose naturally out of your organization's culture - one that delivers ongoing support, improves employee engagement, and increases respect for leadership.