Successful events move organizations forward …

  • "Change Leadership presentation was one of the best I’ve seen at SEN" – Director of IT
  • "Practical change leadership was great and informative" – R&D Director
  • "I really enjoyed Keith Miles’ presentation. Very practical approach" – Director of Sales
  • "Change management presenter was great!" – HR Director
  • "Keith Miles presented his '5-step Transition-Management' to over 100 members of our Business Advisor Team ... I highly recommend Keith Miles as a business consultant, a polished speaker and recommend his management methodology to other organizations without hesitation." Denise Johnson, Product Manager, McKesson Performance Analytics

It's really about what you want to achieve,
but here are some of my customize-able presentation topics:
  • Developing Next-Generation Leaders (while still getting stuff done)
  • Strengthening Work-Culture (by building on positives/values)
  • Increasing Strategic Agility (to preserve profits, careers, & customers)
  • Raising Employee Engagement (without adding costs)
  • How to be a Better Coach/Mentor (and they're quite different)
  • Must-Have Process Transformation Skills (productivity with respect)
  • Interacting on Social Media for Leaders-Managers (pitfalls-suggestions)
  • How to Rock Your Technology-Based Change (proven steps for success)
  • Transforming Your 'Change' from 'Oh-No!' to 'Ok-We've Got This!'\
  • Crafting a Millennial-Optimized Work Environment (with diagnostic)

Keith draws upon these to make his presentations fresh, practical, and thought-provoking:

Guide to strategic leadership behaviors
Guide to team leadership skills
Org. Change/Execution Research
Millennial Engagement Research
Deep, Hands-On, Multi-Industry Experience