“Keith gained the respect of our entire team and delivered value beyond expectations. As a trusted advisor his team produced a comprehensive strategic analysis covering organizational, process, and personnel issues and then enthusiastically delivered realistic recommendations, process leadership and seasoned execution and change management support. His passion and commitment to excellence presented a model for managers and staff. Our division is stronger, due in part to a more effective structure and a clearer picture of what activities will move us ahead. I strongly recommend Keith and SMG.”
Mark Rutledge, Division General Manager, Newalta

“Our management team has learned more about effective leadership from Keith and SMG than in all other past consulting engagements combined. Even one day after the implementation, the impact on the effectiveness of our management team was visible. The new tool set aligns the behavior of every employee with the strategic objectives of our organization. The SMG solution provides practical approaches to the real world complexity of directing knowledge workers. The SMG solution really works to align and drive strategic agility among management and staff.”
Denise Johnson, IT Director, OSF Healthcare

[fvplayer src="http://smgknowledge.com/wp-content/uploads/files/2016/11/ExecutionAdvanceTestimonialS.mp4" width="352" height="288" splash="http://smgknowledge.com/wp-content/uploads/files/2016/11/EATestimonialS_Splash.png"]

Keith Miles has the ability to transform an organization. SMG’s Observable Change was implemented within our IT organization, immediately improving collaboration and operational interactions. As a result, we became a more effective and more highly functioning organization. The positive, lasting change was also demonstrated through continued record-breaking employee satisfaction scores.”
Brian Schofield, IT Site Director, OSF Saint James – John W. Albrecht Medical Center

“Exceptional thought leadership on change management.

  • Deep understanding of dynamics of healthcare and IT environments.
  • Creates lasting results – taught our organization to do the same.
  • Provides exceptional (and fun) training sessions with track-able results.
  • Empathy – easily understands challenges that are far beyond scope of project and adapts approach to increase chance of success.
  • Feedback – checks in regularly and adapts in real-time.”

Joe Lavelle, President, Results First Consulting LLC.

“You take the lead only long enough to get things moving then you turn them over to the organization for their buy-in and ownership. Your organization is not like other consulting firms. “
Joe LaHood, IT Director, OSF HomeCare

“I feel that your organization is not like other consulting firms. You remain focused regardless of what else is going on. You came in with a few people and did not add people as time went on, or as additional projects surfaced or opportunities came along. It appears that you perform what needs to be accomplished regardless of whether it gets you an extension or not – you are not here just for extending your contract. You lead to get us moving then you show us how to take over activities to promote buy-in and ownership. You tell it like it is. Open and honest dialog.”
Joe Priestly, IT Director, OSF now CIO Prairie Cardiovascular Consultants LTD

“On behalf of Focus Automation, I would like to thank you for the market assessment study your organization recently completed. It helped change Focus’ priorities for the next year, … The analysis was practical and action-oriented. The tactical suggestions and timelines were especially helpful. Results? We dedicated sales, marketing, and engineering resources to the product the study suggested had the best prospects and orders have now been secured of over $2.5 million in our first quarter. Focus is looking forward to a record sales year.”
Dave Williams, VP Sales and Marketing

“By using [SMG’s execution method], Shrader Canada has seen a return of over $1.8M in the first two years, using our same team.”
James Malcolm, President, Shrader Canada

“We implemented UpScaleStrategy™* to better convey to key staff, the activities required for the company to reach its goals. Whatever activities we specified – we got!”
Ian Ross, President and CEO, Grand Valley Fortifiers

“We approached SMG because we had a number of issues we were facing as a company, including strategic planning, succession and sales.  We were happy with the process and are delighted with the results. We highly recommend Streamlined Management Group Inc.
Clarke Walker, V.P. & General Manager, Grand Valley Fortifiers Ltd.

“You and your SMG team were very instrumental in providing change leadership and training to our 600-person Maksteel team when we went live with the major computer system. Your customized approach to our staff was excellent, as you identified what message was required and then delivered it effectively and efficiently to suit each group. As you may recall at “go live” we shipped as many tons the day after as the day before, this could only happen because everyone knew their new assignments.”
John Locke, CFO, Maksteel

“Keith led a manufacturing improvement project at Long Manufacturing to re-engineer every operational process and implement a major ERP system upgrade. At the beginning morale was poor and operational processes were not meeting customer expectations and threatened the location’s viability with over 450 positions. He won over the union membership, enlisted their help, and their assistance became pivotal in reinventing facility operations. In the year he was involved, he transferred both his process improvement skills and his enthusiasm to our staff so that the improvement initiative continued for several years and lessons learned spread to other facilities.”
Steven Heldman Director HR – Long Manufacturing Ordan – currently Director HR – Hoya Vision Care Canada

“Very pleased with the value Equifax has derived from your work for us, especially when I compare the results with other outside consultants. The work you did with my staff ultimately underpinned a successful reorganization of our operations. The ‘business case for change’, which you helped us create and deliver to all our staff across the country, was of particular help as we worked through this difficult transition. Your focus on presenting common-sense tools and solutions was much appreciated by all involved.”
Richard Cleary, President, Equifax Canada

“Keith advised us to change our product focus. We did and it’s a good thing too. It was at least a million dollar recommendation. It’s one of the main reasons we’re still growing and profitable even 10 years later.”
R.Vines, Manufacturing Manager, Ready Rivet & Fastener

“Through my experience with various outside services in the field of business improvement, I found SMG to be one of the finest teachers. Their enthusiasm catches on with those they work with! They helped our company toward a successful long-term future by sharpening our marketing and operations efforts which resulted in increased sales volumes and increased profits. Our newly expanded facility is filled with profitable work.”
Tom Brennan, President, Ready Rivet & Fastener

“I would like to thank you for your continued support and contribution to the success of our group of companies. From the recently implemented “UpScaleStrategy™, your never ending list of productivity improvements plus your ability to orchestrate and sell major directional change, you have become a household name with all our employees. I look forward to your continued help and support in the years ahead as together we continue our pattern of controlled and profitable growth.”
Ken Crawley, President, Belair Recreational Products Inc.

“We approached Keith to help us to turn some of our strategic objectives into daily staff activity. He helped us turn paragraphs on a strategic plan into an everyday reality. The process was enjoyable, our people clearly understand what is expected, and the change is visible. I highly recommend SMG.”
Peggy Walshe, CEO, Kitchener Public Library