Succession/Leader Development


A specific leader (or leadership team) needs to gain additional leadership experience and capabilities to be successful in future roles.

SMG’s Activities:

SMG, in consultation with senior leadership, develops a model of the needed leadership competencies; evaluates the organization’s strategy and operating activities; then determines a specific set of activities which will allow the leader(s) in question to gain the identified competencies over time. SMG installs accountability for the activities to ensure, even busy, executives consistently perform them over time.

Your Objective:

The leaders involved will see this leadership development ‘exercise’ as a collection of attainable and easy-to-see activities which will help them acquire each leadership competency. The resulting accountability activities also instruct—they illustrate for each leader the types of actions required, so each becomes increasingly aware as they develop their skills.

Why SMG’s approach is unique:

Progressive Activities: Other consulting firms only conduct long-term coaching discussions around definitions of established leadership competencies. SMG’s method is more practical, visible, scalable, and powerful. SMG identifies the set of activities which, if completed during the year, will progress the leader toward the leadership competencies in question. SMG installs accountability to make sure these development activities are not neglected. We know of no other consulting firm using a similar method.