Start-Up Leader Boot Camp


Many start-ups fail to grow because their leaders never move beyond their initial ‘peer’ style of interaction to one based on the effective exercise of authority. As a result, the fledgling group is unable to lead and leverage the talents of those who join later.

SMG’s Activities:

SMG observes the management team’s interactions, provides proprietary authority-based leadership instruction, and installs mutual accountability to ensure new sets of effective behaviors continue.

Your Objective:

Your team will rapidly learn practical leadership skills to immediately increase their effectiveness and establish the foundation of a strong authority structure to support future growth.

Why SMG’s approach is unique:Lincoln Authority - med2

Authority-Accountability: SMG’s Start-Up Leadership Boot Camp is timeless, concise, and powerfully effective. The initial leadership group learns how to transition to scalable leadership and how to hold each other accountable for the transition. The Boot Camp combines SMG’s unique expertise regarding behavioral accountability with thought leadership on managerial authority from the book, “The Lincoln Authority” written by SMG’s founder.