Profit Advance (Review-Only)


There is an immediate need to improve the bottom-line, without sacrificing long-term potential, and you need a rapid, executable plan to confirm your thinking.

SMG’s Activities:

SMG reviews your organization’s strategic opportunities, evaluates its ability to exploit them, and identifies what is needed from all areas to deliver higher profits. SMG then presents, in-person, the opportunities which represent the best near-term potential and a suggested sequence of realistic activities to leverage your existing processes and resources to maximum effect.

Your Objective:

Your organization gets an objective assessment of the best opportunities and a clear picture of the most direct path of implementation steps required to increase profit within the year. You decide what to do and whether you and/or your organization require additional assistance.

Why SMG’s approach is unique:

Sustainability: Other firms offer intense, improvement ‘events’ whose results are often short-term because accountabilities are ignored. SMG highlights the shortest path to improved results, keeps attention on those involved rather than on our method, and suggests accountability changes to sustain the activities responsible for the improvement. Personnel adjustments are seen as a last resort due their long-term impact on agility, capability and capacity.