Mission-Culture Renewal


Your organization has a long-standing value orientation, which is core to its original purpose but is in danger of being diluted over time.

SMG’s Activities:

SMG evaluates your organization’s mission, values, as well as its strategy to fully understand the mission but also to determine workplace interactions which exemplify the mission agenda. A broad mission would be divided into a number of component aspects. Employees would be made accountable within their performance assessments for exhibiting mission-like behaviors. To allow the mission to be refreshed to the workforce over an extended timeframe, mission aspects would be ‘rotated though,’ replaced every couple of years with new aspects.

Your Objective:

Your organization’s mission now ‘lives-on’ as a result of employees remaining accountable for demonstrating activities in-sync with whatever mission aspects are currently emphasized. Your leadership is reinforced as the workforce sees important issues like the mission made practical and just as accountable as the organization’s business objectives. When the workforce quickly begins to act (due to individual accountability) the impact is substantial and employee engagement is enhanced by the organization’s commitment to a broader purpose.

Why SMG’s approach is unique:

Cultural Understanding: SMG can create a ‘living’ mission based on our proprietary ability to hold individuals accountable for daily ‘observable’ interactions. Other consulting firm can only hold project milestones and performance metrics accountable. SMG’s accountability method not only helps employees better recognize activities which are ‘in-kind’ but also makes managers better leaders, by showing them how to hold others accountable for specific, positive, observable behaviors.