(A+) Millennial-Optimized Work Environment Model/Workshop

There are numerous 'Millennial' surveys/ studies which describe what they want and why.

In fact, just listing Millennial wants to your teams in isolation can often produce a negative outcome!
  • Non-Millennial managers and employees often react negatively, perceiving 'a list of entitlement-oriented demands'.
  • What you intended to help, educating your team about Millennials, only makes things worse - fostering resistance rather than acceptance.

You want to attract and retain new talent and maintain efforts to improve performance and work culture.

  • You must connect Millennial's wants to your organizations' existing efforts.
  • You need a BUSINESS discussion with your management team about succeeding/ surviving - in part, by ensuring the best talent stay and contribute.
Here is a TED-style overview of the main workshop elements (18 minutes).

The A+ Millennial-Optimized Work Environment Model/Workshop
is exactly what you and your organization are looking for.

  • It educates regarding what Millennials are looking for in a work environment.
  • It doesn’t just repeat what the studies say
  • It conveys their wants in a business execution context – so people don’t see them as ‘unreasonable’ demands
  • A+ Millennial-Optimized Model portrays their interests as essential elements of an effective performance/ engagement strategy
    (applicable to any organization with any workforce of any age).

The model/ interactive workshop provides:

  • An practical framework to use to evaluate what changes can be immediately started to strengthen performance and engagement.
  • A strong link between engagement and strategy execution and business results.
  • A powerful reason to require a consistent, above-average demonstration of leadership from every member of your management team.
  • A diagnostic to lead your a management team through the important issues conveyed in the model.
  • A way to bring everything together – to link Millennial (and all other aged staff) engagement issues with real business requirements.

Contact us for permission to use the model and about running the workshop for your organization.

We look forward to an opportunity to help your organization
recognize and take its next steps to improving retention, performance, and engagement.