We improve your organization’s performance – using a revolutionary approach

SMG’s distinctive:

  • We deliver project results and install daily accountability
  • This daily accountability ensures support and performance stay at a new higher level
  • SMG’s accountability doesn’t distract staff from key activities
  • Daily accountability ensures daily progress
  • Your staff now recognize what’s strategic within their daily actions (which increases employee engagement)
  • You meet your goals

SMG’s approach brings:

  • Outstanding Return on Investment (ROI) – increased performance typically continues for 2 or more years
  • Faster results – projects immediately adjust daily strategic behaviors for visible results
  • Clearer direction – individuals see what goal support looks like in their roles – what has to be different
  • Faster buy-in – project efforts are configured as adjustments to critical, current practices
  • Stronger organizational support – immediate, visible results make it easier to green-light your next project

SMG is about consulting integrity: (client comments)

  • Fixed-price proposals
  • Communications, tasks, and expectations professionally managed
  • We focus on the current project rather than looking for the next project

“You take the lead only long enough to get things moving then you turn them over to the organization for their buy-in and ownership. Your organization is not like other consulting firms.“