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  • 400 global CEOs ranked Execution as their #1 challenge.
  • Elite leaders don’t just give directives but also follow-up to ensure their strategies are being executed.
  • Describe the strategic message you’d like to verify and we can help you quickly determine execution status.

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Critical, objective status data:

  • Including – strategy message received; employee response & reinforcement effectiveness.

Our research found the keys to execution

  • Based on over 20 years of research, we found the crucial factors to whether teams respond with action – or whether they stay exactly as they were before.
  • Now you don’t have to wait until the end-of-period results, when it’s too late for corrective action.

No Other Firm

  • We’re not aware of any other firm that tests for execution readiness in this way.

Bottom Line

  • ExecutionCheck™ quickly tells you what parts of your organization have responded to your strategy and are contributing to your success.

Outstanding Value

  • Starting with under a hour of your time – get the data you need to know you’ll be successful this year.

Watch the 90 second videos at the top of the page – then call/contact us:


  • Can you think of a better return for about an hour of your time?

ExecutionCheck™ is part of SMG’s ExecutionAdvance™