Capability Injection (e.g. problem solving, innovation)


Your department/organization needs to quickly and permanently add a beneficial/neglected capability.

SMG’s Activities:

SMG will evaluate your strategy agenda and your organization’s typical pattern of operating activities to determine what new/revised activities would represent an effective execution of the desired new capability. Staff are instructed concerning changes to expected and ongoing activities and accountability adjustments are installed to motivate those involved to continue the new pattern of activities.

Your Objective:

Employees see the new capability depicted as a straightforward set of new/adjusted activities which are ‘customized’ to reflect existing operating patterns. Installing individual accountability for new/adjusted activities means they will continue to be performed. The successful integration/injection of a new capability enhances leadership’s reputation for making things happen.

Why SMG’s approach is unique:

Culture-Fitting: SMG reduces resistance to change by analyzing the organization’s operating patterns and ‘shaping’ the set of new, required activities to make them appear to be a natural extension of the existing culture. SMG proprietary ability to create accountability for observable interactions is the reason the new/adjusted activities continue to deliver the desired organizational change.