Agile Transition Toolkit

The fastest way to ensure Agile Projects are:

  • powerfully supported in development,
  • quickly adopted when deployed, &
  • confidently added to your list of successful projects.

SMG's Agile Project - Tactical Transition Toolkit (T3)

Agile Project leaders need:
  • active user support to ensure development sprints uncover and deliver what's most important, &
  • smooth and rapid user adoption post-deployment (to guarantee future sprints will also be user-supported).
User support & adoption are crucial to project success. This support:
  • Can't be generated with just PowerPoint slides, &
  • Isn't found in typical, bureaucratic, 'a week to learn', organizational change methods which don't fit Agile.
Our research-based, Agile/Tactical Transition Toolkit was developed to ensure your Agile Projects are a noticeable success - sprint by sprint, project by project.
  • Easy to learn, deploy, and pass-on to other Agile team members
  • Effective because it is based on two-decades of research and practice
  • Flexible, able to guide small to large project transitions
See the 3 minute video above - for a description of key learning points:
"Keith Miles presented his 5 step transition management process to over 100 members of our Business Advisor Team.  The presentation included best practices change management including his unique understanding on how recognize organizational barriers than reinforce current state and implement new structures that quickly align employees and reinforce the desired future state behaviors.  He followed the session with a lab enabling each of us to apply our learning to a real business challenge.  Keith’s content was practical, presented well, and improved our organization’s ability to help our client’s both prepare for and to manage change. I highly recommend Keith Miles as a business consultant, a polished speaker and I recommend his change management methodology to other organizations without hesitation."
  • Denise Johnson, Product Manager, McKesson Performance Analytics