SMG’s mission is to preserve employment levels & our standard of living
by helping organizations & individuals execute to their maximum potential.

Streamlined Management Group Inc. (SMG) started from a three year, 72-organization study which yielded new evidence on the efficacy of typical approaches and the real needs of organizations and leaders as they strive to succeed. Based on two decades of practical experience and research, SMG has found a more powerful way to link long-term strategy to the daily actions of individuals.

“SMG can help you and your leadership team transform your organization and its results.”

Quickly and without fanfare, SMG’s proprietary approach gets people performing actions with the greatest impact on strategy achievement and our accountability capability keeps staff performing these activities. Clients see better performance, faster work cycles, and improved respect for leadership.

Keith Miles MBAKeithMiles3

Founder and President of Streamlined Management Group Inc.

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Originally starting with a 72 organization research project to identify the factors associated with sustained business performance improvement, he found traditional approaches did not produce the improvements organizations need to realize. In fact, typical programs often confused rather than clarified what was most important and their lack of accountability failed to produce long-term benefits and actually encouraged staff to disengage.

An inventor, author, coach, speaker, and visionary, Miles has worked in over 100 organizations. With humor, discernment, and wisdom, he leads a team with a talent for strategic analysis with the vision to leave behind organizations which are fundamentally realigned and delivering higher levels of sustained business performance.

An author with an MBA from Wilfrid Laurier University, his first book, “The Improvement Toolbox”, describes a realistic and rational model for managers who want to ensure highest-value employees concentrate on strategic activities. Miles’ second book “The Lincoln Authority” is a leaders guide to the effective and engaging exercise of managerial authority using glimpses from the life of Abraham Lincoln to bring the principles to life.

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