Streamlined Management Group (SMG) – Atypical Consulting

SMG helps businesses execute their strategy by drilling down to address whatever gaps limit progress.

Streamlined Management Group helps great businesses do more. We help them fully execute their strategy by addressing the gaps across their organization which limit progress. As a result SMG delivers significant long-term performance and engagement improvement.

SMG is Different

  • SMG’s ‘Binder-free’ consulting means we don’t ask clients to study our ‘binder’. Instead, we study our clients – your operations, work-culture, & leadership style to ensure the powerful actions we suggest become integral to your organization’s ongoing activities.
  • Culture-Strengthening – We study your organization so that our activity recommendations look like they extend naturally out of your work culture – minimizing resistance to change and accelerating adoption. We focus staff attention on your good leadership not on our assistance.
  • Customized– Other consulting firms run clients through meetings and sessions, assembly line-style.  SMG creates outstanding long-term value by identifying powerful actions and then ensuring accountability is in place so these execution-lifting actions continue for several years.
  • Results-Oriented – SMG only does whatever brings value and what actually changes daily behavior. Our ExecutionCheck™ tool quickly identifies gaps in messaging and execution, while our ExecutionDrillDown™ identifies powerful, execution-delivering, relevant actions and makes sure they continue to significantly lift performance. One of SMG’s first referrals was from a financial consultant who told his client, “If you’re tired of talking and want to get things done, call SMG.”


SMG has these core services:

  • ExecutionCheck is a rapid, concise way to know what parts of your organization have responded to your ‘strategy message’, whether they have made corresponding changes to their day-to-day activities, and how the actions are being reinforced. In days, we can validate your effective leadership with objective data – based on several crucial execution factors uncovered by SMG’s research. Armed with a realistic picture of execution status, you can then optimize your organization’s efforts long before end-of-period results are calculated.
  • ExecutionAdvance SMG’s three-step, proprietary way to strengthen execution. We evaluate your operations and work patterns in light of your goals and strategy, then we utilize our unique way of identifying powerful actions which match the operational timeframes of key roles. We know a multi-year strategy must be translated into shorter timeframes, weekly or daily behaviors, for those involved in front-line service delivery. Our very few meetings never distract people from delivering what’s expected. We quietly and behind the scenes, ensure management and staff are accountable to deliver daily, strategy-executing actions. The result: business performance and employee engagement rise together as people more clearly see how they can contribute to their organization’s success. We know of no similar consulting approach and that’s why clients call SMG “anti-consultants.” SMG acts like ‘Organizational Penetrating Oil’ quietly reaching into how & why things aren’t optimum, then releasing untapped capabilities, so everything moves more easily, faster, with more power.
  • Technology Adoption-Organizational Change Management (OCM) — SMG’s broadly applicable change-creating framework.
  • Process Improvement-Operational Transformation — SMG’s amazing set of practical, process improvement tools and techniques which deliver rapid progress in process outcomes using a fraction of the time of other methods.