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Technology Adoption – Organizational Change Management (OCM)

Large-scale technology projects are some of an organization’s budget’s largest, most important, and highest risk investments. Smooth and rapid technology adoption will avoid risk to competitive positioning, revenue generation, and even leaders’ careers. Competent OCM expertise is, therefore, one of the most important success factors for any sizeable project.

Competent OCM expertise is one of the most important success factors for any sizeable project.

Communication Alone is Not Enough

Organizational change methods are frequently simplified in practice until the remaining visible tactic is a relentless, multi-media communication program issuing out from a ‘powerful’ steering committee. This shorthand approach rarely delivers smooth adoption.

In Streamlined Management Group Inc.’s (SMG’s) research and experience, successful organizational change management (OCM) contains three elements of which a comprehensive communication program is important, but all three are essential for success.

SMG’s Metric-Based OCM Approach

SMG has an industry-leading, comprehensive, metric-driven approach to communicating, motivating, and facilitating required project support activities. It provides project leadership with the information needed to gauge change readiness at a departmental level, which allows change resources to be selectively deployed where and when needed. It provides organizational leadership with its key tool to assess and manage their support of the project. It is powerful, effective, time-efficient, and absolutely, a career-saver.

SMG OCM Required Expertise Model™


1 – Accountability

Ensuring supportive activities continue, especially for extended projects, requires changes to personal accountability for those who lead and participate. SMG has two decades of experience in integrating enhanced accountability into organizational structures. Accountability adjustments help people to view the activities as truly important and the project as their own, which greatly increases the chances of career-enhancing implementations.

2 – Communication

We absolutely believe that people need to clearly understand the ‘business case’ behind the changes and any revised expectations for their roles/departments. But communication alone, in our experience, rarely provokes the implementation support activities required for project success.

3 – Process Improvement Expertise

A successful implementation is the product of dozens of individual departments which have taken the required steps to adjust their daily processes to the new system. To get busy departments, in addition to daily workloads, to devote the required extra effort, these adjustments must be detailed, facilitated with coaching, and managed for accountability. Resources unfamiliar with facilitating process improvement cannot easily guide, coach, and bring accountability to these vital adjustment activities.

Missing Expertise = Higher Project Risk

Even well-intentioned resources, if they are experienced only in communication-centric programs, will leave your project with a higher risk of failure than those with experience with all three OCM elements.

SMG Can Join Your Existing Team

SMG brings deep, research-based experience in all three OCM elements. We often team with communication resources to provide the missing experience and ensure the full OCM expertise needed for project success is available and engaged.

SMG OCM Client References

SAP-ERP Project —”Keith and I worked together on a major Business Transformation initiative for one of Canada’s largest construction companies, and Keith was driving the Organizational Change Management (OCM) effort. Keith designed a metrics based approach to change management that, when implemented, created actionable results in assessing and improving business readiness. In my 20 years of experience managing large business transformations, Keith’s contributions and leadership to the OCM effort stands out as being innovative and effective.” Peter Getchell Managing Director – Navint

BaaN-ERP Project —”You and your SMG team were very instrumental in providing change leadership and training to our 600-person Maksteel team when we went live with the major computer system. Your customized approach to our staff was excellent, as you identified what message was required and then delivered it effectively and efficiently to suit each group. As you may recall at “go live” we shipped as many tons the day after as the day before, this could only happen because everyone knew their new assignments.” John Locke, CFO, Maksteel