Does Employee Engagement Matter Anymore? Is “Command-and-Control” the Opposite of Engaging Leadership?

First Question: Yes—Engaged employees mean greater success: 1. Engaged employees deliver a higher return on any payroll investment: Organizations with higher ratios of engaged workers to disengaged workers are significantly more profitable than their competitors (Gallup’s 2013 Report on the State of the American Workforce). 2. Engaged employees mean accomplishments…

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Incentives – Proceed with Caution

Pay-for-performance approaches, once exclusively the domain of sales departments, are becoming more widespread. The intent is to give employees a stake in the company’s success, with the hope of improving individual performance. These incentive systems can be effective but they can also produce the opposite effect. Naive organizations see these systems as…

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High ROI Change Management

Change management is critical to achieving expected results and engaging talented professionals in any enterprise-level initiative. When delivered with excellence, change management services provide an unparalleled return on investment both in terms of increased performance and enhanced respect for management. What is Change Management? It is normally a consulting-style intervention…

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